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ELESIS assist public agencies and community groups in applying decision support technologies to public health and social research, analysis and policy development. We offer the following information services and products:

ESRI ArcIMS and ArcSDE – web-based interactive mapping applications and geodatabase development
ESRI 3D Analyst - Regional and street level 3D modeling and perspectives
ER Mapper Image Web Server - web-based interactive imagery applications
SPSS - statistical analysis and modeling
Neighborhood/street level data collection and research using GPS hand-held computers 

Macromedia ColdFusion web development

Microsoft Project - web-based contract performance management systems
Web hosting, data storage, technology training, and consultation services
Public sector and community-based alliances who can benefit from our technology support and products include: neighborhood sociodemographic indicator intiatives, law enforcement agencies, university research groups, health and human service providers, location basedAndroid smartphone health maps and Android cell mab apps.

Our Guide To Tech on The Internet

Decision support technology advancements are being fast-tracked by the medical community. The combination of health with current Android mobiles technology is making it possible for faster statistical analysis and more accurate diagnosis. Telesis’ work on ultrasound analysis without human interaction is paving the way to new methods of raw patient data and immediate analysis, giving the physician better tools to diagnose internal disturbances without the necessity or heavy reliance on X-ray. Combining what has been learned from ESRI technology, the rapid mapping of the human body internally is both accurate, even with predictive software compensating for faint data streams. The Android phones application of this technology is limitless in research as well as in practical application right in the doctor’s office.

Further in-field testing has shown that the technology when applied by law enforcement, alleviates the need for invasive searches. A tablet device with the software installed and the 8ARI scanner attachment is rated to detect foreign objects solid, or liquid contained within the human body for transport. This will be found to be especially useful in airport security measures applications. Continued testing should provide further modifications for other biological and materials industry uses. Continued analysis of test data reveals 97.4023% accuracy and continued improvements are slated for next quarter. Data collected for GPS applications show continued improvements in results, showing that data collection from deep and shallow waters excels up to 400 feet. This limitation may be the maximum for a devices installed in vehicles at 10,000 feet.

Data collected at this altitude, when fed through the web portal interface has shown immense improvements to the previous version identified as .003 Alpha. The same improvements are showing on smartphone versions of the application using the two mainstream operating systems with the latest software development kits. 3D imagery is showing to have an issue with degrading graphics at beyond 76 feet from soft tissue targets and 79 feet of bodies of water. The current algorithms are being modified to compensate and will undergo testing. Indications from partner University testing programs have shown that with amplification, specifically 4G amplification, the degrading graphics are at 92 feet and 103 feet leading to the conclusion that packet loss is the root cause.

When mapping data is compared between geographic and biological applications, the biological graphical representation is correctly taking into account infrared and ultraviolet spectrum; however, geographic data is has been set to ignore these spectrums beyond 40 feet, except in military application testing where a limit has not been set. The code currently ignores the spectrums at 5000 feet which may not be satisfactory for all military applications of the technology.

Insurance for Your IT Staff

Most employees can be covered under a general, all encompassing health care plan, but some may need additional insurance to cover specific functions of their jobs. Sales staff that travel out of the country extensively will need global health insurance plans or travel insurance plans to cover them when they are away in other countries. Without this additional coverage, the sales staff may not be able to receive emergency medical care or have expenses covered if their property is stolen or damaged. If your IT staff, along with your sales staff, remains in the US, but travel to other locations, they will needed additionalinsurance for their vehicles. Covering their car insurance is an important benefit because it will not only protect their personal property, but also any company property that travels with your employees.If the company is located in Florida we recommendFlorida insurance agencies

Generally, IT staff will not require additional travel insurance if they are domestic bound employees however, if your IT staff travels to branches internationally, then they too will require a global health insurance plan that is recognized outside of the United States. If the IT staff carries over $5000 in company property in computer, equipment or tools, even domestically, they should be covered by travel insurance. Unless the vehicle or the place your employees reside while away on assignment is company property, it will not be covered by the company’s insurance. Travel insurance will protect the property that travels with your IT staff.

If your IT or sales staff are employed and stationed locally, then the need for travel insurance should not be necessary. It is important to have human resources keep track of any changes in employment that could affect the necessity for additional insurance. This should be done annually or be performed with each interview for promotion conducted by both a manager and an HR representative it is also a good idea for your company to get aaccident insure plan.


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